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                                                     TERMS OF USE 


Thank you for being a part of the KRZ Publishing journey.  Here are our simple “Terms of Use” page.  We will keep it really simple and to the point to make your experience with us as smooth and enjoyable as possible.   

Listed below are the specific services and the conditions of each.  We stand by our service and products and have 100% faith in our associates and partners that help supply and register the ISRC Codes and have been tested and tried true to their reputable reputation.   

RADIO TRACKING:  All sales are final for any purchase of Radio Tracking.  The files and information uploaded to BDS Radio, Neilson Soundscan, and Mediabase are a one-time deal.  Tracks are uploaded to the Radio Trackers and store in their database allowing them to track the songs for airplay on all Interactive and Non-Interactive radio stations across Canada, U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  There is no way for KRZ Publishing to un-submit and files from any of the radio tracking companies.  When tracks are uploaded to the radio trackers a confirmation email will be sent to the customer verifying the upload and submission.  


ISRC/UPC CODES:  All sales are final for any purchase of ISRC and UPC codes.  Once the ISRC code has been created and registered with the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) they cannot be unregistered.  Codes are created one time for each song and when embedded into the META data of the song it cannot be undone.  The song needs to be changed by a minimum of 10 seconds or modified completely by remastering or manipulating the original version.  Then a new ISRC can be issued at the customer's cost.  When ISRC and UPC codes are purchased, a physical form will be sent to the customer with all the codes for each tracked listed as well as the UPC Barcodes for physical distribution if needed. 


STRIPPING & EMBEDDING SERVICES:  When music is sent to KRZ Publishing for ISRC Codes and UPC Codes the files first must be stripped of all junk data hidden in the META data.  99% of all music coming from the studio have junk data and Radio Tracking companies require completely stripped files for uploading to their database.  The stripping of the files is necessary in order for the ISRC Code to be implanted into the META data part of the file.  The song will therefore be untouched or effected from the embedding of the ISRC Code.  


FILE VERIFICATION: Part of the Stripping and Embedding service is the which is a little snap shot of what’s in the file. This is a three-part service that is included in KRZ Publishing's ISRC Coding service.  All sales are a one-time purchase and are final. 


PUBLISHING DEALS & AGREEMENTS:  KRZ Publishing offers various types of Publishing Agreements to Artists and most of them are different from one another however one thing stays the same.  All Agreements have their own terms and conditions and the Artist and KRZ will be held to the Agreement Conditions.  We offer artists the opportunity to help create their own Publishing Agreement with a KRZ rep.  These are Agreements on their own and will have their own separate Agreement Conditions.  Artist and KRZ will be responsible for adhering to the Agreement Conditions. 


ARTIST DEVELOPMENT DEALS: Development Deals are all specific to the desire of the artist.  Some artists are at different stages in their career and require different services or products from KRZ Publishing.  If a Development Deal or Agreement is created then the conditions of that particular deal will be enforced.  If Artists need specific services that fall out of our services without having a Deal/Agreement then KRZ and Artist have to abide by the Conditions of the “Third Party”.  KRZ can act as an agent/representative for the Artist but must adhere to the conditions of the “Third Party” (outside company, other than KRZ Publishing). 

KRZ Publishing will issue a FULL REFUND if we are unable to perform any of the services within 5 business days of purchase.  Business days are Monday – Friday 9AM Pacific Time – 5PM Pacific Time. 

For enquiries contact KRZ Publishing at:

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