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KRZ Publishing is an all in one stop for your ISRC Codes and Worldwide Radio Tracking


Let us take some of the weight off your shoulders, we will Strip, embed and verify your final mixes, and embed them with your own ISRC Codes and then upload them directly to all the BDS Radio, Neilson Soundscan, and Mediabase.

Let us do the leg work for you!  Maximize your Royalties!
1 ALBUM - ISRC/UPC Codes (10 songs max.) = $597 
* Includes ISRC Codes for each song & 1 UPC Code for the Digital Downloadable Album/EP/LP. (For multiple singles on an Album there is a $200 charge any other ADDITIONAL UPC's required ex. Music Video, Single(s), DVD, Tape, Vinyl, or CD).
1 ALBUM - ISRC/UPC Codes + RADIO TRACKING (10 songs max) = $977 
* Includes: Everything from BUNDLE A; All songs get ISRC Codes, 1 UPC Code for the Digital Downloadable Album and the submission & uploading of your songs to Soundscan, BDS Radio & Mediabase for Radio Tracking covering over 3400 Media Outlets (Interactive and non-interactive radio) in over 400 Markets in Canada & the U.S.) Note: Additional UPC's singles on a album are $250 each extra, radio tracking included. 
1 SINGLE - ISRC/UPC Code (Song or Video) = $227 
 Includes: ISRC Code +1 UPC for the Single Release.  (Singles' and Videos are treated like there own album so a sperate UPC Codes is required as well as a Separate Cover Photo, different from the Album Cover JPEG or PNG 1000 pixels X 1000 pixels square).
Includes: 1 ISRC Codes for the song, 1 UPC Code for the Single Release, and Submission of song to Soundscan, BDS Radio & Mediabase Radio Tracking, when combined covering over 3400 Media Outlets in over 40 Markets in Canada, U.S.A. including Puerto Rico.
EP DEAL (2-5 songs) - ISRC/UPC Codes  + RADIO TRACKING = $627
Includes: ISRC Codes for your songs, 1 UPC Code for your Digital
Downloadable EP, and uploading of your songs with codes to Soundscan, BDS Radio, and Mediabase
Only need Radio Tracking?

* Includes the submission of your coded songs to BDS Radio, Neilson Soundscan, and Mediabase

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