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Founder: Robert "Ocean" Zaharia

Need a custom song written and recorded for you or your business, organization, or loved one? 

Are you looking for Robert Ocean Band to perform live for your event? 

Why KRZ Publishing?

     I started KRZ Publishing to give a home for the music I created.  To protect the music I created and track it across the globe.  I didn't know where my audience would be but I knew they were out there.  And that is exactly how it all began.  I looked around and saw such amazing talent going un-noticed.  Albums recorded with such amazing engineering skills and raw talent from the artists literally going unheard to the vast majority.  Music that never really goes beyond the friends and family circle.  How did the big labels do it?  What didn't I know? 


     I knew I had to protect my music, not only locally but globally, I knew there was an audience for all types of music, and I also knew that I had a limited budget and I had to make every dollar count.  The steps I took to make Music my source of income is exactly what we do for Artists we work with.  Very straight forward steps to maximize your potential earnings from music you have written.  You have put all the hard work in and in most cases spent a chunk of money along the way of creation.  Wouldn't it be nice to make that money back and then some?  Even turn your music into a career?  We believe you can!


      KRZ wants to help you put the right foot forward and help your music career become a success.  Whether it's helping you develop as an artist, supplying you with an ISRC Coding & Radio Tracking service, Promotion and Marketing tools, International Publishing, Song Placements, or your next release.  We are here to help you make the most out of your music!

     -  Robert Zaharia

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KRZ Publishing Presents:

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Earth Day - April 22/2023

Every month KRZ features an Artist from our Artist Development and Publishing roster and feature it right here on this page for all to see!  We are very proud of our family of artists' and we can't help but show them off!

Coming Soon !  

     Premium membership for independent artists at KRZ Publishing.  Includes: unlimited Radio Tracking submissions, International Publishing Administration which includes royalty collection from over 200 countries, discounted prices across all bundles, up-to date information on insider music business, latest blogs, articles, and posts of insider music business, multiple courses on marketing and promotion.

     We have done countless hours of research and continuously do to stay ahead of the curve and always up to date on the latest information in the complicated world of the music business.

     Let us do the work so you don't have to giving you more time to be the creator that you are. 


Can I record my music with KRZ Publishing?    Yes!  If you have no material recorded yet we can book you in to our partner studio with top notch mixing and mastering.

What genres of music do you accept?     All types!  It's all about the song(s) so it doesn't matter what genre of music, all is accepted.  To submit your best song click here!

Are you accepting music now?     Yes we are always looking for the next great song, musical interlude, or band.  

What do the services cost?     For Artist Development the cost really depends on the goals and objectives.  Different Marketing and Promotional Campaigns will have different costs involved. We work within any budget and we make sure your money is put in the right place to reach your goals. 

     For Custom songs, it depends on the production level and length but usually between $500 - $5000.  

What if I am not local to KRZ?     No problem!  As you probably already know, most tasks can be handled online.  Even recording has come a long way through Zoom, Skype, etc., We work with artists from all over the globe.

How do I get started?     For any of our service all you have to do is contact us and give a brief description of what you want to achieve, and one of our professional reps will contact you back and give a free consultation to see exactly what the next step is at  


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